Gender/Youth and Livelihoods

Promoting Citizens Access to off the Grid Decentralized Renewable Energy Solutions in Nigeria- Open Society Initiative West Africa (OSIWA)

The purpose is to increase shared understanding of clean energy solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs); build sustainable models through women-led business  networks in communities; build human capacity, skill, sustainability and resilience in universities; and build community awareness on Nigeria’s progressive energy policies and programs.


Clean Cooking Programme

Aimed at sensitizing the public on the hazards associated with the conventional and traditional method of cooking and inform them of better methods.

Digital Advocacy for Climate Emergency Network and Volunteers’ Network

 The project is targeted towards designing solutions to address issues of environmental degradation and climate emergency faced in their immediate communities across all the geo-political areas of Nigeria.


Clean Up Campaigns

Improving the sanitation and environmental practices in the community by driving community based collaboration and delivering sensitization campaigns and clean-up demonstrations in various communities.