Ongoing Projects

Promoting Citizen Access to Off-Grid Renewable Energy Solutions

 Clean Technology Hub is expanding citizen’s access to off-grid energy through inclusive, coherent and sustained stakeholder engagements, and building community awareness on Nigeria’s progressive mini-grid policy and programs

Chronicling the Mini-Grid Revolution in Nigeria

 Clean Technology Hub is conducting detailed research across the value chain of the mini-grid industry in order to provide detailed and comprehensive information on the state of the mini-grids in the country and create awareness on opportunities in the mini-grids sector.

Democratizing Energy Access in Nigeria

Clean Technology Hub is working to accelerate development paradigms that localize and implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through cleaner technologies, education, smart agriculture, poverty reduction for communities and economic growth through small-scale enterprises.

Standardizing best practices for the life cycle of used lead-acid batteries

 Clean Technology Hub is facilitating and driving the development of a framework for the sustainable management of ULAB in Nigeria’s renewable energy sector which will become an industry standard recognized by the government.