Our Programs

Faith Based Innitiatives

Clean Technology Hub works with faith-based Institutions and communities of practice such churches and mosques towards increasing access to cleaner technologies to stimulate development. We recognize that these institutions are key decision-makers and gatekeepers in their communities, and are very critical in ensuring he attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals at the grassroots level. Our faith-based initiatives include increasing awareness, conducting advocacy and opening new markets in grassroots communities.

Clean Energy-themed Education

 Clean Technology Hub is invested in building the next generation of young people to be aware and knowledgeable of the challenges facing our planet, and how clean technologies can help fight climate change and achieve environmental sustainability. Our educational initiatives include board games for elementary schools on the Sustainable Development Goals and clean energy technology to educate and stimulate institutions on renewable energy, climate change and environmental sustainability; a “Catch-Them-Young’ program – focused on mentoring and training secondary schools on clean technologies and the SDGs; and working with tertiary institutions to mainstream climate change and environmental sustainability education.

Gender-based Programming

 At Clean Technology Hub, we recognize the nexus between gender and energy poverty, and we make increasing access to energy for women a key component of our projects. Our goal is not just to increase women’s access to energy, but to position women to be entrepreneurs and leaders in Nigeria’s fast-growing clean energy sector.

Invention & Innovation:

As awareness and demand for clean technology products and services increase, there is a need to identify, promote and support local innovation and inventions that address challenges in local communities and provide the required support for these local innovators/inventions to scale their products/services. Clean Technology Hub achieves this through fostering collaborations between the tech ecosystem and the renewable energy sector in Nigeria through hackathons and business incubation services.