Energy Access

Modern energy services are critical to human well-being and economic success in any society. Clean water, sanitation, and healthcare are all dependent on contemporary energy, as are reliable and efficient lighting, heating, cooking, mechanical power, transportation, and telecommunications services. Achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is near impossible without the global transition to clean energy. This transition leads to the spread of decentralized energy solutions around the world as well as the reduction of carbon emissions in the power business. Over the last few years, the adoption of renewable off-grid alternatives has dramatically boosted access to power for underprivileged regions and in extension, accelerated economic and human capital growth.

The Energy Access Group at Clean Technology Hub collaborates with consumers, governments, developers, and financial institutions to build an enabling environment for clean energy solutions to accelerate in Nigeria and Africa. 

Key Offerings

Developing New Standards for Solar Component in Nigeria

Localizing Renewable Energy Policies at the state level in Nigeria

Development of the Africa Minigrid Developers Association in Nigeria

Enterprise Development Programme