CleanTech Schools Program

The CleanTech Schools Program was created to address the knowledge gap that exists around climate change in schools and advance climate adaptation among students through Green Clubs.

The clubs are designed to expand knowledge around the climate crisis and the application of clean and climate-smart technologies to build the resilience of local host communities, as well as provide the much needed support to develop solutions to address environmental challenges and chart a pathway for students in the climate sector.


Program Details

Target Audience:

Secondary School: 13 – 18 years

Over the course of the program, schools explore the causes of climate change through our well developed curriculum. Through project based learning, the students identify environmental problems in their community and develop solutions as a community. 

Student Climate Summit

By providing inclusive access to both private and public schools and supporting collaboration through inter-school exchanges and competitions, we’re encouraging lesson sharing, exchange of learning experiences and networking.

These events provide an opportunity for schools and students to interact with climate focused organisations.