Environment and Climate Action

CTH as a leading sustainability organization drives environmental and climate action through climate mitigation and adaptation, circularity, community projects/engagements and ESG.

Schools and Sustainability

A CTH initiative that presents a platform for schoolchildren and young adults to learn about the environment and contribute to the challenges of climate change, starting with their local communities. This is achieved through training and establishing green clubs.


Utilizing digital means to raise awareness around the need for clean water, sanitation, and good hygiene practices in order to curb the spread of pandemics among the populace.

Interfaith Climate Change Initiative

The Interfaith Climate Change Initiative Portfolio stands as a visionary testament to the convergence of spirituality, tradition, and environmental stewardship. Rooted in the belief that addressing climate change is a shared responsibility, this portfolio embarks on a mission to forge a harmonious alliance between religious and traditional leaders, uniting them under the common banner of safeguarding our planet.

Climate Change and Governance

Policy and governance support to create a sustainable framework for climate change response in Africa.

Circular Economy

Clean Technology Hub has participated in validating Nigeria’s circular economy roadmap and is a member of the behavioral change taskforce, which raises awareness and promotes changes in plastic consumption through the Nigeria National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP)

Plastic Action Campaign

Using a combination of physical engagements and social media advocacy, our Plastic Action Campaign educates Nigerians on the health and environmental hazards of plastic pollution in order to induce society-wide change in their perceptions of, as well as their behaviours towards, plastic.

Climate Change, Health and Migration

This portfolio seeks to build resilient communities that can navigate the challenges of climate change while protecting their health, livelihoods, and social fabric.