Volunteer Network

About the CVN

The Clean Technology Hub Volunteers Network(CVN) started as a means to accommodate persons seeking out new opportunities in either the Renewable Energy sector or Climate change sector.  The CVN is divided into two branches: Energy Champions and Digital Advocacy for Climate Emergency (DACE). The Energy Champions are a group of volunteers who want to learn more about energy access, whereas the DACE network is a group of actors who want to help bridge the information gap in environmental and climate change-related events taking place in Nigerian communities. Youths and professionals (18-65) who are passionate about the environment and willing and able to contribute to increasing environmental awareness and climate action in their communities are members of this platform. 

Part of the strategy underpinning the CVN includes working with the volunteers through our existing partnerships to drive growth in the sector and expand human capital to meet the growing talent needs in the industry. A core principle underpinning this model lies with having volunteers carry out tasks required by our corporate, donor and community partners across different parts of the country, which provides training and the ability to gain experience and in some situations, also earn a stipend while progressively getting the requisite experience to drive growth and change. In the past, the CVN has been able to participate in the following: field collection of data, web series, digital campaigns, clean up campaigns, sensitization campaigns, among others. 

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